Quicktake: Tiki Talk Ep. 18 — NFTiki and CertiK Skynet are live


1) Updates for this week — Episode 18

There were no slides for this week in Tiki Talk, but there are plenty of colourful screens to show. Here are the notable items covered.

  • Around 240 NFTikis are minted at the time of the Tiki Talk, which is not a ‘crazy amount’. Jake mentioned the release is part of a longer game to build up NFTiki interests and buys.
  • More marketing will come in to support the growth of NFTiki (and Dash). For example, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc.
  • There is expected to be more NFTiki purchases we approach the NFTiki Reveal Party on October 27 at 7PM UTC. Tweet about this below.
CertiK Skynet screen capture
  • Dash is a ‘BSC tracker/web application that provides advanced statistics on projects’, such as price, market capital, volume, holders, and more. In Jake’s words — it will be ‘poocoin but with useful data’.
  • There will be different levels of features which will be made available depending on what the connected wallet holds. For example, i) Genesis NFTiki will have access to ‘advanced features’, and ii) there is expected to be functionalities in Dash made available based on the amount of $Tiki token held in the wallet.
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2) Quicktake

a) Hype, volume, price: Did anyone see the chart this week? If you didn’t, see below.

CoinMarketCap screen capture
  • NFTiki release — people who didn’t (just) want to get the NFT went for more $TIKI as well/instead.
  • NFT Influencers influencing the influenced — aka marketing.
DEXTools screen capture
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